Terracotta Warriors

In 1974, 8000 statues were found buried in China, originally made 2000 years ago to protect the dead emperor “Qin Shi Huang” of China. The statues were originally painted in bright colors but after being buried for so long the paint fell off

A actual picture of the dug up warriors which were full size found in 1974

Our version of the redesigned statues standing 26″ tall. No 2 are alike each one is cast in resin most shown here are already sold we will be updating soon.

Our Statues range in price from $400 up to $650 and up for special effects.

This statue has gold leaf chest armor, burlap leggins and the blue is called Flocking is like a velvet which is carefully dusted on.
Many ways to make the statues nicer along with beautiful paint the main body is covered in Chinese silk
Working in my studio applying shoulder armor on a new statue. The head and hands were removed for ease of release from the mold.
Another statue with new designed armor made from felt then glued on. Other modifacation will be made by removing and alter the hands then ready for the mold making
Making the silicone mold after the main statue has been modified. Many layers are brushed on using “Smooth-On” silicone.
The mold was made and the resin was poured in the new mold, here is what the new statue minus the hands and head which is done in different molds. The statue has been primed and is now ready for color